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Free SMPS Design Software Tools, PowerEsim

PowerEsim is a free web-based software providing power supply (SMPS) design, transformer design, magnetic design, loss analysis, thermal analysis, waveform analysis, MTBF analysis, BOM building, DVT analysis and optimization of power supply (SMPS).
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1         Introduction

1.1            A New CAD tool on the Internet for Switching Power Supplies

PowerEsim is a CAD tool for switching power supplies on the Internet. This new concept eliminates complicated licensing and software installation process. Design service is readily available anytime, anywhere. It is so easy to use through a generic Web browser that you need no training.

More than 30 topologies are now available including

  • Flyback AC-DC Converter
  • Flyback DC-DC Converter
  • PFC DCM Converter
  • PFC CCM Converter
  • Boost DC-DC Converter
  • Buck DC-DC Converter
  • Buck Boost DC-DC Converter
  • Buck Sync DC-DC Converter
  • Full Bridge AC-DC Converter
  • Half Bridge AC-DC Converter
  • Asym. Half Bridge AC-DC Converter
  • Phase Bridge AC-DC Converter
  • Push Pull AC-DC Converter
  • Full Bridge DC-DC Converter
  • Half Bridge DC-DC Converter
  • Asym. Half Bridge DC-DC Converter
  • Phase Bridge DC-DC Converter
  • Push Pull DC-DC Converter
  • 2 Switch Forward AC-DC Converter
  • 2 Switch Forward DC-DC Converter
  • RCC Flyback AC-DC Converter
  • Flyback Integrated PWM AC-DC Converter
  • RCC Flyback DC-DC Converter
  • Flyback Integrated PWM DC-DC Converter
  • Active Clamp AC-DC Converter
  • Active Clamp DC-DC Converter
  • Simple Forward AC-DC Converter
  • Simple Forward DC-DC Converter
  • Resonate Reset Foward AC-DC Converter
  • Resonate Reset Foward DC-DC Converter
  • Lossless Snubber Forward AC-DC Converter
  • Lossless Snubber Forward DC-DC Converter
  • LLC AC-DC Converter
  • VRM 1 Phase DC-DC Converter
  • LLC DC-DC Converter
  • Dual Vin Sync-Buck Converter
  • Ballast DC Converter
  • DC 1 Lamp Ballast HB Circuit
  • DC 1 Lamp Ballast HB Circuit
  • Interleaved 2W Forward AC-DC Converter
  • Interleaved 2W Forward DC-DC Converter
  • Primary Feedback AC-DC Converter
  • Emitter Driven Flyback AC-DC Converter
  • Emitter Driven Charger Converter
  • Buck PNP Converter
  • Interleaved PFC CCM AC-DC Converter
  • Interleaved PFC DCM AC-DC Converter
  • Source Driven AC-DC Converter
  • Primary Feedback LED Bulb Converter
  • RCD Reset Forward AC-DC Converter
  • RCD Reset Forward DC-DC Converter
  • Its huge component database contains thousands of items available in the market. Complete Bill of Materials is available at a click on the mouse. Reports are ready and no more effort to produce tedious documents.

    Various modules are supported including

  • Loss Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Data Vertification DVT Analysis
  • Life & MTBF Analysis
  • Input Harmonic Analysis
  • Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Waveform Analysis
  • Besides, various builders are provided including

  • Magnetic Builder
  • Component Builder
  • BOM Builder
  • Report Builder

    1.2            Powerful Integrated features


    1.3            A Tool for Engineers

    Choose a circuit topology, put in your power supply specifications and click. A complete design is ready. Optimize the design automatically or manually to produce the best product performance.


    1.4            A Tool for Managers

    Fast response to RFQs, more control on product cost and better product quality. Surprise your customers by the speed and details of your proposals with the help of ready to use reports from PowerEsim.


    1.5            A Tool for Component Vendors

    Promote your components directly to product design engineers through PowerEsim. No more application notes needed. No more delay due to design mistakes.


    1.6            A Tool for Trainees

    Students and trainees learn quickly through PowerEsim. Simulated waveforms and analysis give real life demonstration.


    1.7            Subscription

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    1.8            System Requirement

    Flash Player 8, IE 6.0 on Windows XP OS, Safari on MAC OS

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