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Smart Optimizer of PowerEsim Help Manual

PowerEsim is a free web-based software providing power supply (SMPS) design, transformer design, magnetic design, loss analysis, thermal analysis, waveform analysis, MTBF analysis, BOM building, DVT analysis and optimization of power supply (SMPS).
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15    Smart Optimizer

15.1       What is the Smart Optimizer? What can it do?

Smart optimizer navigates or iterates combinations of circuit definition (by varying pre-defined parts) and returns a number of circuit combinations in sorted order according to converter efficiency.


15.2       How to fire off the Smart Optimizer?

Select the part (section 5.7) you want to do optimization and see the picture as above.

  1. Check “Enable Optimization
  2. Select any part from the list for optimization
  3. Press “Select One”, if you want to select more, repeat step 2
  4. Press “Done” to confirm

After selecting parts for preparing optimization, press button  at the bottom left of the main page to fire off smart optimizer.


15.3       After pressing the Smart Optimizer button, a dialog box pops up and asks for number of iterations!

The number of iterations instructs smart optimizer which algorithm it should adopt for your request. Roughly speaking, more iteration provides better results and requires more processing time.


15.4       View Optimization Result

Optimization completes your request in time ranges from several seconds up to half an hour or more. It depends on total number of combinations of design definition and number of iterations specified.

After its completion, you will be notified by combination navigation bar on bottom-left panel or at the top of every analysis window similar to. You can press and to navigate among possible combinations. Alternatively, you can press “Go to” button to view the specific combination result


15.5       Clear Optimization Result

Press “Clear Optimizer Result” to remove the last optimization result.

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