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PowerEsim is a free web-based software providing power supply (SMPS) design, transformer design, magnetic design, loss analysis, thermal analysis, waveform analysis, MTBF analysis, BOM building, DVT analysis and optimization of power supply (SMPS).
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14    Add Parts

14.1       What is Add Parts?

Add part is a general feature applied on all tools for user to add components for analysis. If a power supply is initialized, the added part will be appended into the original power supply BOM. If no power supply is initialized, the added part will be appended into an empty BOM. All analysis tools can share that BOM for analysis purpose.


14.2       What types of parts can be added?

User should first select what type of component to be added.

14.3       Adding parts from the component database

After selecting the type of component user wanted to add, user can click on "Add" to show the interface as below.



1.      Fill in the range of the searching criteria, press “Search,” all the component fulfill the criteria will be displayed at the searched components box and ready to be chosen.

2.      Select any one component from the searched components box

3.      Click “Select One

4.      Press “Add Component” after selection


14.4       Define the losses of the added component


All component added from database can be enter an power losses in the “Highlighted Losses” text box for thermal analysis purpose

14.5       Create customize parts 

  1. Select "Customize component" from Component Type
  2. Press “Add” and you can see the page as below
  3. Select which component you want to add from “Component Type”


A lot of predefined package have been build to facility user. User can select the package style of the part from “Package style” combo box. The size and shape will be previewed at the left hand side. This shape will be as same as in Thermal Analyzer. No hand drawing is needed.


14.6       Define the losses of the added customize part

The losses of the customize part can be filled in the “Power Losses” text box.


14.7       Define the material of the customize part

User can select different material from the “Material” combo box.


14.8       How to set the shape of the customize part?

User can select from the “Shape Type” combo box to have some choice of basic shape type.


14.9       How to set the size of the customize part?

Fill in these 3 parameters to customize the size of the component.


14.10  How to edit the MTBF properties of a customized capacitor?

To add the capacitor, you can set the “Capacitor Type” at the bottom of the interface. This type is for the measurement in MTBF Analysis.


14.11  Customize a heat sink 

Heat sink shape can be chosen at the “Heat Sink Type” combo box


14.12  Changing the fin of a heat sink

Select the number of fins at “Number of Fins” combo box


14.13  Customize a PCB?

Set the PCB Size and Material.


14.14  How to view or delete the added parts?

After adding component to the design, the components will be shown in the "Add Part" interface. Click on the designator to view and edit components. Click on "Delete" to remove a component from the design.

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