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Life and MTBF Analysis of PowerEsim Help Manual

PowerEsim is a free web-based software providing power supply (SMPS) design, transformer design, magnetic design, loss analysis, thermal analysis, waveform analysis, MTBF analysis, BOM building, DVT analysis and optimization of power supply (SMPS).
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10    Life & MTBF Analysis

10.1       What is MTBF analysis?

MTBF analysis is a tool to let user to add components and its corresponding stress one by one, then pressing a button, the life time and MTBF of the system will be known immediately. User can treat it as a standalone tool to estimate the MTBF and life time of any product. If a power supply has initialized, all the components and its corresponding stress in the power supply will be seamlessly transfer to the tool for simulation.


10.2       Overall Failure Rate Result, MTBF and Life time

The “Simulated Overall Failure Rate” means how many time the system will fail under 1 million hours, “Simulated Overall MTBF” means the average time between failure. The “Simulated Overall Life Time” means the life time of component having  minimum life time. E-Cap and opto-coupler are considered to have life time issue.


10.3       Where is the individual failure rate

Rather than showing overall failure rate, individual failure rate also been shown at the row of each component.


10.4       Electrical setting of each part can be modified

  1. Click the “Setting” button and then you can see the following table

  1. Tick the checkbox or select the factor from the list
  2. Press “Done” when finish


10.5       How to recalculate MTBF?

Press “Recalculate” after any change


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