+  1 Introduction
 +  2 Start a Power Supply Design
 +  3 Component Finder
 +  4 Project Management
 +  5 Loss Analysis
 +  6 Waveform Analysis
 +  7 Monte Carlo Analysis
 +  8 Loop Analysis
 +  9 Thermal Analysis
 +  10 Life & MTBF Analysis
 +  11 BOM - BOM Builder
 +  12 DVT Reports
 +  13 Magnetic Builder
 +  14 Add Parts
 +  15 Report Builder
 +  16 Harmonic
 +  17 EMI Analysis
 +  18 Component Builder
 +  19 Smart Optimizer
 +  20 General Function in PowerEsim
      21 Troubleshooting
 +  22 PowerEsim Account Management
      23 PowerEsim Terms of use
 +  24 User Interface Practice
Better Than Real - Free Switch Mode Power Supply Circuit (SMPS) Design Software & Transformer Calculation / Simulation Tool.
PowerEsim User Manual
PowerEsim is a free web-based software providing power supply (SMPS) design, transformer design, magnetic design, loss analysis, thermal analysis, waveform analysis, MTBF analysis, BOM building, DVT analysis and optimization of power supply (SMPS). Click to try PowerEsim (www.powerEsim.com)

10 Life & MTBF Analysis Back to top
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10.1 What is MTBF analysis? Back to top
MTBF analysis is a tool that allows users to add components and its corresponding stress one by one, then just at the press of a button, the life time and MTBF of the system will be known immediately. Users can treat it as a standalone tool to estimate the MTBF and life time of any product. If a power supply has initialized, all components and their corresponding stress in the power supply will be seamlessly transferred to the tool for simulation.

10.2 How to start Life & MTBF Analysis as a standalone tool Back to top
Click on "Life & MTBF" on the left main menu to start Life & MTBFAnalysis.

10.3 Introduction to Interface (standalone tool) Back to top
Life & MTBF Analysis can be used as a standalone tool but users must first add at least one part to BOM before using Life & MTBF Analysis.

Users can click the [+Part] button to add a part to BOM. Please refer to Session 14--Add PartsĄŁ

Additionally, users can first initialize a design rather than just add parts to BOM. Click [Topology] to start a design from choosing topology. Please refer to Session 2.2.2--Start a Design from TopologyĄŁ
If users want to start a design by other methods please refer to Session 2.2--Start a power supply designĄŁ

After initializing a design, please refer to Session 6.5--Introduction to Interface (with topology) for more details about this tool with design.

  1. Top Bar
  2. Summary of Life & MTBF Analysis result
  3. Component List
  4. Export to EXCEL Format

10.3.1 Top Bar Back to top
Please refer to Session 9.3.7--Top bar.

10.3.2 Summary of Life & MTBF Analysis result Back to top
In this area, the choices Simulated Overall Failure Rate, Simulated Overall MTBF and Simulated Overall Life Time Standard can be chosen on the right.

10.3.3 Component List Back to top
  1. MTBF Analysis Result of Each Component
  2. Change Component ------- Please refer to Session 3--Component Finder
  3. Component Setting -------- Please refer to Session Setting
  4. Change Sorting

10.3.4 Export to Excel Format Back to top
Click the [EXPORT TO EXCEL FORMAT] button to export the result to Excel format.

10.4 How to start Life & MTBF Analysis (with topology) Back to top
Click on "Life & MTBF" on the left main menu to start Life & MTBFAnalysis.

10.5 Introduction to Interface (with topology) Back to top
  1. Top Bar
    -------- Please refer to Session 9.5.1--Top bar
  2. Summary of Overall Life & MTBF Analysis Result
    ----------- Please refer to Session 10.3.2--Summary of Life & MTBF Analysis result
  3. Component List
    ----------- Please refer to Session 10.3.3--Component List
  4. Export to EXCEL Format
    ----------- Please refer to Session 10.3.4--Export to Excel Format