+  1 Introduction
 +  2 Start a Power Supply Design
 +  3 Component Finder
 +  4 Project Management
 +  5 Loss Analysis
 +  6 Waveform Analysis
 +  7 Monte Carlo Analysis
 +  8 Loop Analysis
 +  9 Thermal Analysis
 +  10 Life & MTBF Analysis
 +  11 BOM - BOM Builder
 +  12 DVT Reports
 +  13 Magnetic Builder
 +  14 Add Parts
 +  15 Report Builder
 +  16 Harmonic
 +  17 EMI Analysis
 +  18 Component Builder
 +  19 Smart Optimizer
 +  20 General Function in PowerEsim
      21 Troubleshooting
 +  22 PowerEsim Account Management
      23 PowerEsim Terms of use
 +  24 User Interface Practice
Better Than Real - Free Switch Mode Power Supply Circuit (SMPS) Design Software & Transformer Calculation / Simulation Tool.
PowerEsim User Manual
PowerEsim is a free web-based software providing power supply (SMPS) design, transformer design, magnetic design, loss analysis, thermal analysis, waveform analysis, MTBF analysis, BOM building, DVT analysis and optimization of power supply (SMPS). Click to try PowerEsim (www.powerEsim.com)

2.2 Start a power supply design Back to top
At the middle of PowerEsim's homepage, choose one way to start your design.

2.2.1 Start a Design by entering your specification Back to top
You can start your design by entering your specification and power supply application.
Please follow these steps to start your design:

  1. Choose AC / DC input

  2. Change number of output

  3. Enter values of volage and current

  4. Choose the power supply application

After entering the above specification, please click the [Recommended Design] button on the right. PowerEsim will recommend a design for you.

In the Recommended Design result page, click "Click Here" which is on the right of the topology to start your design.

2.2.2 Start a Design from Topology Back to top
In the Start a Design from Topology area at Home page, you can click the topology name to start your design. If you want to see more topology, please click "More Topologies" to view more.

2.2.3 Start a Design from Reference Design Back to top
In the Start a Design from Topology area at Home page, you can click any design name to start your design.