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PowerEsim - Free SMPS Switching Power Supply / Transformer Design Software
Free Switch Mode Power Supply Circuit (SMPS) Design Software & Transformer Calculation / Simulation Tool.
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Start a Design from Topology
User can start a design from topologies below

Last update: 28/6/24 ......

  • 2024-6-28: New Different version of ET and FT bobbins are available in Magnetic Builder.
  • 2024-6-12: Show winding window dimensions in Magnetic Builder.
  • 2024-5-16:
    Infineon 24 W 12 V 5 V DEMO_5QR2280BG_24W1 is now open to public.

Start a Design from Reference
User can start a design from the below reference design too

  - Infineon 14W 12V 5V 5V REF_5BR3995CZ_16W1
  - Infineon 10.5W 15V EVAL_5BR2280BZ_700MA1
  - Infineon 6.75W 15V EVAL_5BR4780BZ_450mA1
  - Infineon 24 W 12 V 5 V DEMO_5QR2280BG_24W1
  - Infineon 60 W 12 V 5 V DEMO_5ASAG_60W1
  - Infineon 14 W 15 V 5 V DEMO_5AR4770AG_14W1
  - Infineon 44 W 12 V DEMO_5AR0680BZS_44W1
  - Infineon 15 W 12 V 5 V DEMO_5QR4780BG_15W1
  - Infineon 42W 12V 5V DEMO_5QR0680BG_42W1
  - Infineon 15W 12V REF_5AR4770BZS_15W1
  - Infineon 14W 5V 15V DEMO_5GR4780AG_14W1
  - Infineon 3W 5V REF_5AR4770AG_3W1
  - Infineon 18W 12V REF_5GSAG_18W1
  - Infineon 8W 5V 12V REF_5AR4770BZS_8W1
  - Infineon 24W 5V 12V DEMO_5QR2280AZ_24W1
  - Infineon 33W 5V 12V REF_5QR1070AZ_33W1
  - Infineon 16W 5V 12V DEMO_5QR4780AZ_16W1
  - Infineon 27W 5V 12V DEMO_5GR1680AG_27W1
  - Infineon 22W 5V 12V DEMO_5GR2280AG_22W1
  - Infineon 15W 5V 12V DEMO_5QR4770AG_15W1
  - Infineon 44W 12V DEMO_5AR0680AG_44W1
  - Infineon 60W 19V DEMO_5GSAG_60W1
  - Infineon 10W 5V REF-10W ADAPTER
  - Infineon 15W 5V REF-15W ADAPTER
  - Infineon 15W 5V REF-15W_CE1K5 ADAPTER
  - Infineon 15W 5V REF-15W_CE1K0 ADAPTER
  - Infineon 15W 5V REF-15W THINPAK ADAPTER
  - Infineon 300W 400V EVALPFC3-ICE3PCS01

  - Empower GaN 65W 20V 3.25A EMM9988A-G4-V1

  - Boost Converter Tutorial Template
  - Buck Converter Tutorial Template
  - 160 W PFC AC-DC
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