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Issue 76, 1st June, 2011
TIPS on PowerEsim
DVT Report

Design Verification Test report, DVT report may be the second most important tool as it reports all the component stress under user defined situation. Reject or warning messages will be shown if the simlulated values larger than the rated values times the rated factor.

For example, the rated factor for Peak Reverse Voltage of diode is 0.9. If you want to change it, you can change it at Options by clicking on the "Options" at the front page.

What is New? Simulation & Design Counter: 8383210
Speed Record: 150 full simulations within 1 second. Latest OP materials from Micrometals Arnold are now available.
The measurement is based on BCD evaluation design 5V 700mA Charger AP3708 and Monte Carlo Analysis with 200 samples of 1.22 seconds. This result ignores the network traffic time.
Magnetic Builder -- Faraday Shield

In Magnetic Builder Advanced Page, user can view the details of each winding. Click on the button "More..." besides any winding, the Winding Detail Page will pop up, which shows all the details for a winding. User can add a faraday shield in here.

A Faraday Shield is considered as an extra copper foil winding terminated at one end. User can first add a winding on primary or secondary side first. User can then change a particular winding to Faraday shield by checking the check box "Change to Faraday Shield".

Apart from this, user can click "Add Faradary Shield to Primary/Secondary" which can directly add a faraday shield at the corresponding side.

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