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Issue 71, 3rd January, 2011
TIPS on PowerEsim
Magnetic Builder

At Magnetic Builder Front Page, you can firstly select an application of the magnetic component. Then, you can enter the operating conditions of the application. Then, click the button "Recommend Xformer", a transformer with winding details will be shown.

Our system will remember these operating conditions even if you select another application. If you want to reset the operating conditions to default setting, you can press the "default setting" button.

What is New? Simulation & Design Counter: 7107792
Generic HF Power Inductor is available in Magnetic Builder. Over 7,000,000 designs and simulations are done by PowerEsim.
Bifilar Winding in Magnetic Builder

In Advanced Page of Magnetic Builder, user can preview and change the details of each winding. By clicking "More" button for each winding, user can see the "more detail" page for the selected winding.

Suppose user want this winding to be bifilar with other winding, user can click the button for Bifilar Setting and see other possible bifilar winding. Simply click the check box to choose other bifilar winding. Besides select bifilar at same layer, we also allow bifilar with other windings at alternative layer.

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