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Issue 69, 1st November, 2010
TIPS on PowerEsim
Magnetic Builder

At Magnetic Builder Advanced Page, you can edit the value in the text box corresponding to L0 which is the magnetizing inductance of the transformer, the expert system behind will either change the gap length or number of turn to fulfill the user wish. You can choose which way our system determines the item being changed by clicking into "keep L0 by" page.

A list of inductance can be generated by click into the button "Inductance", you will be redirected to Component Finder page, which turn the value inductances into a component. That is very useful in the optimization of a power supply, as you can immediately know the performance of different inductances affecting the total loss and the transformer losses by simply highlight them.

What is New? Simulation & Design Counter: 6651315
Monte Carlo Analysis for rectifier are now available. Sensitivity of Monte Carlo Analysis are now available.
Transient Analysis

In Loop Analysis, non-linear load transient analysis can be done by pressing "Transient Analysis". The voltage waveform will be displayed according to the loading current shape and output impedance defined by user.

To set step loading in Transient Analysis, check the "step loading" selection box and enter the turning point of the loading current Ii against ti. Then, press "Apply" to make it effective. The loading current will be repeated at a rate defined by "Frequency" at the upper right corner.

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