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Issue 65, 5th July, 2010
TIPS on PowerEsim
Magnetic Builder

At Advanced Page of Magnetic Builder, overall winding indent can be chosen at the combo box "Winding Indent". All winding will be winded according to the selected winding procedure.

  • "Center" - all windings will locate at the center of the layer
  • "Lower" - all windings will locate at the lower part of the layer
  • "Upper" - all windings will locate at the upper part of the layer
  • "Distributed" - all windings will locate evenly at the layer
  • What is New? Simulation & Design Counter: 5547580
    Visiting NUAA and SE University in Nanjing at 20 May 2010. Component's junction temperature can be customized for loss simulation.
    Magnetic Builder Front Page

    The front page of the Magnetic Builder is designed to help user to design magnetic component with least information. In tradition, there can be many engineering rules governing the design of a transformer, but the most simple and sufficient specification for designing a transformer is simply as "I want a transformer used in a 12V@4A Flyback converter with input range from 100V to 200V." An expert system has been built to help user to get a transformer or inductor designed by providing very simple specification.

    User can firstly select an application of the magnetic component; it can be the main transformer in a Flyback converter, a common mode choke for EMI purpose, a PFC choke, etc. For example user can click the "CCM PFC Choke" in the Application region, the expert system will recommend a toroid to the user.

    To give sufficient information to our expert system, user should enter the operating conditions of the application, e.g. input is 200Vdc - 400Vdc and output is 12V 4A. Then click the button "Recommend Xformer", a transformer with winding details will be shown.

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