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Issue 64, 2rd June, 2010
TIPS on PowerEsim
Component Finder

Component Finder is a tool that let you change the components. After highlighting any component, you can see a preview of component's shape at the top right corner.

You can press left or right arrow to see component's shape in other view.

What is New? Simulation & Design Counter: 5230085
In Magnetic Builder Module,search wire by coating is now open to public. Mean and Standard Deviation of Monte Carlo analysis histogram are now available.
Closeloop Analysis

Loop analysis is a tool to let user arbitrarily draw a transfer function by varying the coefficient or component from the feedback block. On the other way, curve fitting can be done by entering points of expected gain or expected phase, by pressing "Automatic Compensation" button, the coefficient of the transfer function or components will be changed to fit those points.

Loop analysis provides the interface to customize the transfer function and shows the gain and phase of the transfer function G(s).

User can set the number of parameters by setting n., where n is the order of the transfer function. The range of ai and bi should be specified for curve fitting purpose. For coefficient which user may not want to be changed by our non-linear regression curve fitting engine, user simply unchecks the check box.

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