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Issue 63, 30th April, 2010
TIPS on PowerEsim
Magnetic Builder

In Magnetic Builder, you can change each winding construction at Advanced Winding Construction Page. If you want to add some insulating tape between each winding layer, you can add some winding inner tape in here.

You can change the thickness, number of layers, type and manufacturer of each insulating tape in here.

What is New? Simulation & Design Counter: 4948829
BCD AP3768 Mobile Charger PWM Block is now open to public. Monte Carlo Analysis is now available.
Monte Carlo Analysis Module
Monte Carlo Analysis Module allows users to do random sampling on selected components. After initializing any design, user can assign any resistors or capacitors within the schematics for the Monte Carlo Analysis. Opening the Monte Carlo Analysis Page, user can input number of sampling for whole circuit. By specifying the distribution details of the assigned components and then click "recalculate", following charts are shown:
  • histogram of total loss
  • histogram of each output voltage
  • components' resistance or capacitance versus total loss and each output voltage
  • Mean and standard deviation are calculated for each histogram. User can change the bin width of total loss histogram and output voltage histogram by setting how many equal width bins will there be in each histogram.

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