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Issue 54, 30th June, 2009
TIPS on PowerEsim
Magnetic Builder

In Magnetic Builder Advanced Page, user can define the location of a winding at the center, lower part or upper part of the winding layer. Distribute the winding all over the layer is also possible.

A winding may occupy more than 1 layer. Choose 'Tight' will ensure wires to fill up all space in ití»s layer before going to the next layer. Choosing 'Shared' will result in even distribution on each layer

What is New? Simulation & Design Counter: 2378205
QSpeed PFC diodes and Exclusive Sponsor Link are now open to public. Schematics Zoom is now open to public in some topologies.
Magnetic Builder -- Estimate Loss Page

In Magnetic Builder Modules, user can go to the advanced page of Magnetic builder by pressing "Advance" button. Click the "Estimate Loss" button will redirect user to estimate loss page as shown below.

User can simulate the loss and other performance of the transformer by applying an ac square wave with programmable positive duty cycle Don, peak positive voltage Vpos, switching frequency fs and dc bias current Idc. Other winding can also program a positive and negative loading current which will be conducted corresponding to the dot sign and in ac square wave. Corresponding performance curve is shown at the bottom of the page.

User can find the inductance of an inductor or transformer under dc current bias. Inductances shown in the Estimate Loss page will be changed accordingly with the dc bias current Idc. A corresponding curve can be found at the bottom of the page too.

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