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Issue 52, 4th May, 2009
TIPS on PowerEsim
Magnetic Builder

If you want to make a toroid like above, first you need to create a toroid with 2 windings.
Click Bobbin Setting button, change the number of split walls to 1 and change the thickness of split wall to 0 mm.
Click Winding Construction button, Change one of the winding to winding partition 1. Change the creepage size. Finally, you can get this toroid.

What is New? Simulation & Design Counter: 2160162
TDG components are accessible by public. Automatic design to any wish inductance Lo is now supported for all parts.
Component Finder -- Component Analysis

In Component Finder Page, when you highlight any components from the list, you can see the total loss, highlighted component's loss and the stress or circuit verification result. If you want to see the detail reports, you can click the component analysis button to see more details.

Component Analysis includes

  • Loss Distribution
  • Failure Rate
  • Component Verification Result
  • Circuit Verification Result
  • By simple click, Component Analysis page provide both component level and circuit level details to help user optimize their design. Within a second, Component Analysis shows not only the loss of the highlighted component but also its effect on the whole design, including the change in total loss, DVT test result and MTBF analysis result.

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