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Issue 49, 10th February, 2009
TIPS on PowerEsim
Flux Band

In Magnetic Builder, by clicking the button "More..." beside any winding, a window will pop up, which shows all the details for a winding. Click the button next to "Flux Band Setting" will direct to a Flux Band Setting page as shown below.

Two types of flux band are supported, which are flux band around the bobbin and flux band around the ferrite core. User can click the checkbox to choose for the type and enter corresponding flux bank dimensions.

What is New? Engineering Tasks Done: 1819548
Topology Emitter Driven Flyback AC-DC is available. Application Phone Charger is supported in Recommend System.

Magnetic Builder - Advanced Page

Magnetic Builder can do a lot more than the features shown in simplified version. By clicking the button "Advanced", user can go to the advanced page of Magnetic Builder.

At Magnetic Builder Advanced Page, user can arrange the winding sequence of all windings by mouse over winding number at the transformer schematic and then select one of them. The numbers shown in the list are the winding sequence. The smaller number means the winding is closer to the inside wall of the bobbin, the larger number means the winding will be at the outer side.

The corresponding change of the winding structure will be immediately updated and displayed at the illustration drawing. Different colors are used for user to distinguish the winding sequence too.

By clicking the winding at the transformer schematic, user can see more functions for that winding. E.g. Change winding to split or parallel, change to faraday shield, add flux band etc...

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