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Issue 43, 22nd September, 2008
TIPS on PowerEsim
Magnetic Builder

You can design your own transformer in Magnetic Builder. During design procedure, you can export your general drawing to EXCEL format for further progress.

Besides, you can press "Quotation/Samples" button to request the quotation or samples according to your current setting to transformer manufacturer directly.

What is New? Engineering Tasks Done: 1409297
New Generic LLC PWM Block is now available. New Optimization Result Summary page for Smart Optimizer is now available.
Closeloop Analysis -- Automatic Compensation

After initializing a power supply design, the loop analyzer shows the loop transfer function of the power supply. Current injection method is employed for small signal analysis, all the detail parasitic elements, e.g. ESR, ESL, ESR vs. Temp. and high frequency effect, are already considered. User can set the Expected Gain Margin, Expected Phase Margin and Expected Cut-off Frequency of the power supply and press "Automatic Compensation" to find proper component to fit those points.

If you choose the Generic Feedback circuit, you can change particular values from the generic component page by pressing the component button. Uncheck the checkbox "Enable for Automatic Loop Compensation" if you don't want the component being used for automatic compensation.

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