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Issue 42, 18th August, 2008

TIPS on PowerEsim
My Design

"My Design" button at front page can go back to your current design directly.

If you do not have any design, you will be asked to select a topology to get an initial design first.


After selecting a topology, a preliminary virtual power supply will initialize immediately. Press at the right top corner to generate new design with any I/P, O/P voltages and power level you need.

What is New? Engineering Tasks Done: 1336953
Topology ITTF is now available. You can change the switching frequency at detail specification page.
Waveform Analysis

Waveform analysis typically plots voltage and current of important components at a specific operating condition.

Here is a typical plot of a Flyback converter circuit with component M1. You have dual traces, channel 1 (CH1) and channel 2 (CH2). Vertical resolutions are quoted inside the square brackets while the horizontal resolution resides on the bottom right.

A description box is placed on the right hand side of each waveform plot. It informs us which waveform is shown by each trace.

Similar to other PowerEsim windows, you can change the input voltage as well as loading current to obtain an estimate of characteristics curves of certain components. All plots will be updated immediately after pressing "Recalculate" button on the top panel.

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