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Issue 39, 7th April, 2008
TIPS on PowerEsim
Magnetic Builder

Beside the winding details of the transformer, other details like Varnish, UL insulation system can also be edited by clicking into the "Varnish" and "UL Insulation System" page.

What is New? Engineering Tasks Done: 1052459
Infineon ballast controller ICB1FL02 is available to public. Inductance under dc bias at maximum peak flux level is now shown.

Component Finder

Component Finder is the best optimize tool for cost and performance. A list of components is shown for your selection. You can extend the range to select components that are more suitable. You can also choose different manufacturer to refine the list too.

When you highlight any component, you can see the total and individual loss of selected component immediately. Besides, you can see the warning messages if any reject or warnings exist in stress level or circuit verification level.

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