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Issue 38, 19th March, 2008
TIPS on PowerEsim

In some modules e.g. Loss Analysis, you can view a table of components with their losses. By default, the data is sorted by losses in descending order.

You can change the sorting order by press the title of the columns.

E.g., press the "losses" button again can change the sorting order from descending to ascending.

You can also change your default sorting setting in preference page.

What is New? Engineering Tasks Done: 1021975
Topology 1 Lamp Ballast DC is available. Application CM Choke in Magnetic Builder is available.

Magnetic Builder Front Page

After the expert system suggested a transformer, you can view that transformer in the simplified version of Magnetic builder at the bottom of front page. User can change core used, wire used, number of turns, etc for the transformer; most importantly, the arrangement of wire in the winding window will be updated with the corresponding change.

User can edit the value in the text box besides each winding to change the number of turn at that winding. In default setting, user can change number of turn for each winding separately without concerning any turn ratio relationship between them.

Some users like to keep the turn ratio when changing number of turn of one winding, so other windings will change their number of turn according when one main turn is changing its absolute number of turn. This can be done by clicking the check box "Keep Turn Ratio" as shown above. The required turn ratio between each winding can be edited in the text box as shown above too.

Once the value change the corresponding winding structure picture will be updated automatically too, user can immediately know how much space is left in the winding window.

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