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Issue 36, 29th January, 2008
TIPS on PowerEsim
Winding Construction ShortCut

In Magnetic Builder, four shortcuts for winding construction are provided. It includes

  • Bobbin thickness
  • Winding Indent
  • Creepage Tape Width
  • Multi-Layer Winding
  • Besides, the winding color menu bar is also a shortcut of winding construction page for that winding.

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    Winding Construction in Magnetic Builder

    In , press the transformer image or button can open the Advanced Winding Construction page.

    In this page, you can add tapes between the windings or layers. Different kind of tapes is provided.

    Beside, you can modify the winding details of each winding including winding indent, inner tape details, number of turns, creepage width and position etc.

    After each update, you can see the transformer preview immediately.

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