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Issue 26, 14th May, 2007
TIPS on PowerEsim
Magnetic Builder

Copper Foil

  • In Magnetic Builder, it shows the wire name and Wpp for each winding.
  • Press can open the component finder page that can let the user to select other wires.
  • Press button can set the current winding to use copper foil.
  • After define the height and weight of the copper foil, press "Done", the winding is changed to use copper foil.
  • What's New?
    A laboratory tutorial material for university students is avaliable for download. BlueChip BCT8320S Flyback PWM Controller is accessible by public.
    A laboratory manual "Exploring DC/DC Converters with PowerEsim" designed by EIE Dept. of Hong Kong Polytechnic University is ready for download . It helps students to learn complex power supply behavior with less tutor workload at the same time. Files are now ready at "download" link.

    Non-linear Load Transient Analysis in LoopESIM
    In LoopESIM modules, Non-linear load transient analysis can be done by pressing "Transient Analysis." The voltage waveform will be displayed according to the loading current shape and output impedance defined by user.
    In Transient Analysis, you can set the Step Loading as follows:
  • Click the step loading current with this interface, enter the turning point of the loading current Ii against ti.
  • Press on "Apply" to make it effective.
  • The arbitrary loading current will be repeated at a rate defined by "Frequency" at the upper right corner.
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