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Issue 21, 27th November, 2006
TIPS on PowerEsim

After design initialized, you can click on the component to go into the component selection user interface.

This interface provided different functions:

  •   Specify the searching criteria and choose a component from database.

  •   Preview Winding for current selection.

  •   View the Component Analysis for your selected component.

  •   View the Component Characteristics for your selected component.

  •   Select copper foil instead of using wire.

  •   Load a component from file.
  • What's New?
    Download PowerEsim Link Program in your own computer.
    Preview Winding - Cross checking winding structure while highlighting different Core, N, wire, etc.
    Exhibition at CPS EXPO 2006 Shanghai from 1 to 5 November 2006.
    MTBF Modules
      MTBF analysis is a tool to let user to add components and its corresponding stress one by one, then pressing a button, the life time and MTBF of the system will be known immediately. User can treat it as a standalone tool to estimate the MTBF and life time of any product. If a power supply has initialized, all the components and its corresponding stress in the power supply will be seamlessly transfer to the tool for simulation.
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