Issue 16, 10th August, 2006
What's New?
Negative Output is supported CREE components open to public

Feedback Block TL431 is accessible to public PWM Block NCP1200 is accessible to public
PWM Block UC384X is accessible to public Topology Simple Forward AC/DC is available
Add Bifilar at
Magnetic Builder
  • Move cursor to the winding
  • The winding will turn RED
  • Click on the winding and you can see the picture as above
  • Winding with the same number of turn will be shown and can be selected for bilfilar.
  • Project Management Page support Multi-powersupply
  • One Project can manage at most five powersupply.
  • Project Status Bar shows loss summary for multi-powersupply.
  • Each PowerSupply can load and save independently.
  • Naming individual powersupply is supported.
  • GoTo Button can jump to view the selected powersupply.
  • New PowerSupply can be added by selecting suitable topology from the list.
  • Generic Topology is used for Standalone Components.
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