PowerELab - A Power Converter Technology Provider Issue 12, 7th March, 2006

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What's New?
2006-2-27: PowerESIM won the following prize.
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2006-2-25: Two evaluation designs are available now.
2006-2-25: Resistor, Fuse and Zener are available under Component Modeling now. Try to customize the your own component and apply in PowerESIM.
PowerESim for DCDC converters design

  • Buck, boost and buck-boost converters are there.
  • Synchronous Buck Converter is there for high current applications.
  • A wide variety of isolated DCDC converters is there.
  • Complete schematic diagram together with BOM.
  • Generic current mode controller provides high design flexibility.
  • Complete your design by a few clicks.
  • Get a free account and try.
Tips on PowerESIM
Component Analysis

Want to know what causes the loss in the MOSFET? Click on the “Component Analysis?button and check whether the loss come from conduction or switching. You would prefer a lower Rdson MOSFET if conduction loss is too high, or you would prefer a lower capacitance MOSFET if switching loss is too high. This helps you choose the right device for your design.

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