PowerEsim - Free (SMPS) Switch Mode Power Supply Design Software & Transformer Calculation / Simulation Tool

Click to Start powerEsim
Click to Start powerEsim

The most sophisticated and fastest integrated software to design SMPS. The tool fully integrated a transformer designing tool that engineer can see and place the wire into a real core. Thermal simulation tool is also seamlessly included and user no longer need to build any electrical or mechanical model, by just a click and a few second, thermal results can be shown, it is never be that fast before. Design Verification Test can be also be automatically done in simulation and avoid possible over stress on each component and circuit level. Once temperature and stress is known, MTBF or life can be also predicted with just a click.

More than 30 topologies are now available, e.g. Flyback converter, Boost converter, Buck Converter, Buck-Boost converter, Half-Bridge converter, Full-Bridge converter, ZVS Phase Shift Full-Bridge converter, ZVS active clamp converter, ZVS asymmetric converter, PFC CCM converter, PFC DCM converter, two wheeler/switches forward converter, Interleaved two wheeler/switches converter, RCC Flyback converter, LLC converter, Emitter Driven Flyback converter, Sync-buck converter, Ballast converter, etc.

The software is free and survive base on sponsorship of component manufacturers.

What is PowerEsim?